IT Asset Inventory

This application is for viewing and navigating IT infrastructure data.


See sidebar at left. Each icon represents a directory page.

Using this site

Sidebar icons

The icons in the sidebar will also appear elsewhere alongside table data. In this context, clicking them will take you to the same page as they would when clicked in the sidebar, but the page will be sorted and/or filtered differently, appropriate to the context in which you clicked the link.

Sorting and filtering

Most table headers can be clicked to sort results. If there are more results than a single page, only the current page will be sorted.

Filter icons will appear in columns which support filtering. Click the "set filter" icon next to the value you wish to select for that column. To undo filtering, click the "remove filter" icon .

Filter criteria and page numbers, when selected, are encoded in the URL of each page. This allows them to be bookmarked.

External links

Links to resources other than this site are represented by icons.